Dongfeng cummins engine exported the United Kingdom

Recently, dongfeng cummins engine co., LTD., west end assembly shop 12 new engine delivery area is light green tall open on engine, is particularly captivating. Cummins power the first batch of 13 l export Britain and dongfeng cummins engine parts, control engine off ceremony held in simple ISZ new product assembly workshop. Lu Zhuohua dongfeng cummins company deputy general manager, director of qa director Liang Binyuan, manufacturing engineering WenRongJian, CL final assembly department manager had race peak, the project team and team members and other related personnel participated in the ceremony of the offline.
The first batch of 12 sets of 13 l control export cummins isde engine, including the end of may is offline 16 engine specifically for foreign well-known enterprise production, from ocean the other shore the cummins power plants overseas orders. It marks the company's products to market, the first independent research and development of global market recognition, global starting.
"Please in line with customer first, for the sake of the honor and pride of DCEC cummins parts and future development, to ensure delivery of high quality and good performance of the product." On the same day, traveling, highly pay attention to the progress of the project special email from wang ning always cummins 6ct company, emphasized the importance of "first" review.
Design quality in every link in the process of production, so that customers use safely, high value products. Since March 2014, 13 liters PGBU export engine quality control on important agenda, regular review meeting. Especially for the cummins isf2.8 quantity, especially in the face of export, in addition to statistical analysis of existing data, also to be put on the comprehensive analysis the reliability of risk (including the production capacity and quality assurance ability and all affect the reliability of the associated) assessed, such as: the ISZ suppliers (mainly) of the key parts of production capacity and quality assurance ability, especially if there is/or how many some key parts suppliers or inventory before digestion; Home-made parts and assembly capacity (including the cummins kta19 production capacity and quality assurance ability) before proceeding with the analysis of foresight, with meticulous improvement to reduce risk, laid a solid foundation for successful referrals.


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