Competition is fierce Cummins gas engine also emphasize cost performance

In the past, Chinese cummins isf3.8 local brands and foreign brands to compete, emphasizes is the most cost-effective. Nowadays, in foreign brands to launch new products, also began to stress ratio.
On May 14, in 2014 Beijing international road transport, urban public transport and parts, cummins engine manufacturers of American independence it unveiled its first domestic natural gas engine L8.9 G. In an interview with the media conference, cummins vice President Peng Lixin said: "L8.9 G also emphasize price. It has the advantage of high stability, strong power, low gas consumption, and competitive prices."
Cummins is the world's first enterprise research and development of natural gas technology. In the 1960 s, we started work in research and development of natural gas engine. In the 1980 s, cummins first car once pushed on natural gas engine was a huge success. At present, the worldwide, cummins co-operation, a total of six r&d center jointly participate in the development of natural gas engines.
Which has been widely applied in the U.S. market, natural gas engine. In the bus market, natural gas engines share of 15%, in clean sanitation car kind of truck market, natural gas engines share reached 50%, such as long-distance freight heavy card market share is 1% ~ 1%. It is understood that in the United States cummins gas engine and gas engine market share is 90%.
China's use of natural gas vehicle turbocharger market an earlier time, and gradually from the development of CNG vehicles to LNG vehicles. In the United States, commercial natural gas use is main or CNG, mainly used in the field of short. According to forecast of cummins, as more and more large enterprises to use natural gas engines, the LNG market is more promising.
Peng Lixin said, China is a country with weak rich coal and less gas, and demand for energy is large. Along with the adjustment of energy structure in China, the exploitation of natural gas and import are rapidly increasing, coupled with the economic and environmental advantages of natural gas, China is becoming a market of the world's most important natural gas engine. According to cummins gas business in Asia and China's passenger car market, managing Liu Yue introduction, in 2013, China's sales of natural gas truck sales volume has more than 30000 vehicles, but also in the development at high speed.
Cummins in the Chinese market since 1999, has launched a series of cummins B (B5.9 G) 195 horsepower and 230 horsepower of natural gas (CNG) engine, and help the Beijing bus created three of commercial natural gas bus "first", namely "global urban natural gas bus number first team", "global length first bus" and "the height of the global first natural gas bus".
Imported engine performance is high, but the dongfeng truck parts price is high, and can not fully meet the needs of users, the local bus company for performance, reliability and environmental performance of the vehicle has some special requirements. Cummins medium-duty RoeEast gas business general manager said, let the engineer research and development in more than 10000 kilometres away completely products suitable for the Chinese market is not realistic. Therefore, cummins need to do some localization development for the Chinese market for the product.
Peng Lixin said, cummins L8.9 G gas engine is developed by wuhan technology center, adopt dongfeng cummins diesel engine cylinder block, cylinder body and installed at the factory of cummins Woodward combustion control system, etc., to complete all the assembly of parts.
L8.9 G adopts world advanced gas technology research and development platform, and CAE simulation tool, a collection of international top bench testing equipment, the whole development process for more than two years. The engine used cummins engine parts domestic unique function in real-time gas composition analysis, can make the products to adapt to the different parts of the gas, wide application range. L8.9 G bench test more than 8000 hours, and more than 10000 special work cycle of severe cold and heat shock test, and for the Chinese market the vehicle operating conditions, the 600000 kilometers of the actual operating road test, to ensure that the engine can reliable operation under various conditions.
"Previous natural gas engine power performance is better than diesel dongfeng engines. But according to the customer feedback information, after commissioning L8.9 G power performance is very good, this gives us a lot of confidence." Peng Lixin.
"Cummins L8.9 G 100% of parts from China. Can realize small batch supply in June, and July to full scale production, with annual production capacity of 20000 units. It sells to domestic mainstream products for reference, the price to be as competitive as they are," said Peng Lixin, "hope wuhan technology center of research and development of products in the future to contribute to the application of the global natural gas engines."


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