Burst of reflection: dongfeng steam restructuring the end come

Preached for a long time of dongfeng truck parts restructuring fujian auto group (hereinafter referred to as the steam) program, and entangled with f steam restructuring case once again put on hold for many years. The news, the reporter immediately call the east and the steam, the two are not to respond to the default, the reasons behind the complex.
Transfer jinlong car or fuse
"Jinlong bus transfer the vapor or steam dongfeng fu restructuring fell through." China's national securities chief auto industry analysts Cao He told reporters in an exclusive interview.
On February 13th, jinlong bus, according to the announcement jinlong auto existing controlling shareholder xiamen sea wing group co., LTD., wholly owned enterprises, and its proposed will be 20.7% of jinlong bus, in the form of free transfer to the steam group.
Cao He thinks, although jinlong transfer f steam things there is no direct relationship with the restructuring fell through, but it is undoubtedly accelerate the dongfeng steam the breakdown of the talks.
Jinlong bus agrees to transfer the steam, based on a big golden dragon want to obtain the status of development of passenger cars. Jinlong bus want development has long been a passenger car, even f steam dongfeng reorganization, jinlong bus also hope to support the development of the golden dragon dongfeng passenger cars. And steam dongfeng fu restructuring, the steam in the southeast of passenger car this part mainly want to develop their own brands, Cao He said.
This creates jinlong and steam for dongfeng restructuring, different opinions, both for their own interests game, hindered the advance of the restructuring process.
Dongfeng steam restructuring the attitude is not positive?
Many analysts believe that the steam and baic fujian Daimler project cooperation, the cummins 6bt gasoline itself is not good for the development of passenger car southeast, dongfeng steam for restructuring the itself lack of enthusiasm.
But for dongfeng's performance over the past two years, the east wind for mergers and reorganization is obviously very keen. In recent years, the major automotive group are expanding, dongfeng competitors changan, baic and so on, there are a lot of action. Especially in changan from dongfeng scored hafei, east wind is very uncomfortable.
Dongfeng nearly two years while in the restructuring of domestic no action, but in a foreign country is not small, taking a stake in PSA, and so on, and foreign parts, a modified joint venture enterprises, etc., visible dongfeng have ambitions. Cao He said the restructuring at dongfeng steam is a good opportunity, yulong and Taiwan and southeast cars, dongfeng if the reorganization of the steam, and conducive to the development of cross-strait relations, because, after all, dongfeng car has very deep friendship with Taiwan, hangzhou dongfeng yulong is the crystallization of cross-strait cooperation.
The steam price is high, want to independent development
After return to jinlong, steam power was expanded, so the steam for cummins isbe restructuring enthusiasm, before things clearly didn't want to desire and some independent development.
And nearly two years, sales of ling yue is good, can say is at a critical moment to save the dying of the steam. Although joint venture with mitsubishi's equivalent of hopelessness, southeast of the independent brand's ling yue is very brilliant, with the passage of time, the steam also slowly slow lead dongfeng just think that the most difficult period of restructuring period.
Return the jinlong f steam have bottom spirit, at this time for the dongfeng cummins m11 restructuring talks more dominant, natural desire to get more favorable conditions. This is obviously more than the east wind, weigh the interests of all aspects, the decision to stop talks is clearly necessary.
, dongfeng steam must restructure may not be good object, Cao He finally made three prediction to the future of the steam: first of all, according to the current situation, the steam is certainly in the future reorganization of object; Second: the steam price is too high, cummins nt855 if the restructuring must recognize their own actual situation; Third: f steam restructuring self development, it is difficult to get a good result.
F steam restructuring history goes back a long time ago, guangzhou, Beijing has expressed willingness, especially Beijing, Daimler project cooperation measure when two recombinant how hot fire. And for baic, restructuring the steam promote the demand of the development of relations across the Taiwan straits and stronger, dongfeng and dongfeng yulong na zhi jie, baic restructuring f steam, can naturally and yulong online.
Baic is a lot of people watch the object, and finally ended in failure, so that the steam restructuring, dongfeng parts, like Beijing, are not appropriate.


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